So the FBI is on the political down low, too…and IRS lawbreakers were just confused. Must be fighting season in the war on truth. Check this out:

Wake up and Smell the Tyranny

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

The Obamacare signup deadline has changed again. The Chief Executive who placed his hand on Lincoln’s Bible and swore to preserve and protect our Constitution has taken his machete to the document one more time. Another day, another dereliction of sworn duty—and without the slightest flinch.

To those who haven’t noticed, this is what nascent tyranny looks like. You don’t believe that kind of thing can happen here. You are sure it only happens out there, where neither Constitution nor coequal branches of government enforce the balance and separation of powers. You console yourself in the belief that tyranny only happens in anachronistic realms that lack a free press to call dictators on the carpet.

If that is what you believe, you have been thoroughly steeped in the incrementalism upon which tyranny is built. You have given the benefit of the doubt when you should have raised a ruckus. You have cast a ballot blithely, seeing the candidate as you wanted him to be instead of as he was. When others raised concerns, you thought, “Surely, they have lost their minds. They are paranoid. They are ignorant. They are racist.”

You bought the deception and proved how easily it could be sold. Like other compliant populations, you have now been hoarded into rail cars of someone else’s choosing. Unending lies, durable recession, the destruction of the forty-hour work week, the stripping away of your health insurance and the force-feeding of the Obama model—these are among the rail cars you inhabit. You were sold them, and now you own them.

Today’s rail cars are not headed to death camps, but to the moral and political pogroms the conductor has prepared. You have imagined that he has the best of intentions. You reached up and took his hand because it promised to feed you and your wants, only to find that his appetite was the only one he cared about.

Having acclimated to the slow boil of fundamental transformation, you are now primed to accept a Chief Executive who rewrites laws simply by speaking, like a Peron or a Brezhnev presiding brazenly on a festooned balcony in a lawless kingdom.

You expected the Constitution to hold him in check, even as you cheered him from the sidelines and concocted excuses for his dangerous inclinations. You hoped for the best and believed that if his intent proved pernicious, someone in the House and Senate would fix it. Surely the media would sound an alarm loud enough and early enough to save your neck. And if all else failed, the Supreme Court would rise above his tongue-lashing. They would call him out and reign him in for you.

But you were wrong. You ceded your power, and they ceded their will to fight.

Now, you live in a lawless nation, as a people whose necks snap with every imperial whim. The man you thought hung the moon, sun, and stars has kept just one promise—he has fundamentally changed your world. You thought you wanted what he was selling, but you found yourself at his mercy…one day…one decision…one debacle at a time.

Your freedom is running like sand through your fingers because you bequeathed it to someone you barely knew. He flashed a beautiful smile and accepted your gift. Then he licked his chops and left you wanting. Now, if you have any semblance of dignity or intellectual honesty, you long for January 20, 2017.

Meanwhile, he is running the clock against you. So, ask yourself: will the lawless one who chooses to rule rather than govern walk away when the clock says, “Time’s up”? And if he does, what will you do with what is left of your country and your power?

The clock is running. The time for hoping is long past. Wake up, America, and smell the tyranny.